Success @CA GOP Convention 2017

Craig Hover, Anaheim, CA

I participated in the CCL tabling effort (spearheaded by Craig Preston; Ambassador of CCL’s Southern CA Conservative Caucus). Our table was amongst the other tables of various groups. These were located in the hallways outside of the main meeting rooms. There was lots of traffic as people made their way from one meeting room to another and in visiting the various groups that were present.

My shift was from 8 to 11 AM on Saturday morning.

We had prepared handouts that were used to initiate conversation.

Many people were open to at least hearing what we had to say about the importance of the climate issue. Many of them acknowledged that we do need to do something and that not enough is being done right now.

The big takeaway for me, however, was in responding to the deniers.

If someone said they did not believe there was global warming, or that it was a hoax or some other assertion like that, the response back to them was NOT to challenge them and get into an argument or try to convince them.

Instead, simply acknowledge their belief and say something like the following:

Even if that is true, there is the perception out there that the climate is an issue. The reality is that certain groups are leveraging that perception and are using it as a platform to put in place programs and mandates that will likely result in bigger government, more regulations, higher taxes, more restrictions, and non-business-friendly measures that we all will have to live with. [These are all conservative “hot-buttons.”]

It is said that if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. [That one statement “lands” with people.]

If you want the conservative voice to be heard it is important to get to the table and participate in helping to put into place measures that can limit government involvement, limit more regulations and restrictions, not increase taxes, and find business-friendly solutions.”

By now, they’re usually listening and are interested.

In fact, there is an officially-recognized caucus in the House of Representatives that deals with this very thing.”

I then would go into the Climate Solutions Caucus; how it started in 2016 (if memory serves) by two Representatives from Florida (one Republican and one Democrat); it is totally bipartisan; the requirements for joining (one Dem to one Repl.); how it has already become the largest officially-recognized caucus in the House; etc.

Then if their interest continues I tell them about the mission of CCL and the CFAD.

Craig Preston said that 75 conservatives signed up to get the CCL newsletter and that there was interest in CCL giving talks to various conservative groups.


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