Kissing Paris goodbye, by Nancy Dorado-Curl

Regarding President Trump and the Paris climate accord: It reminds me of me as a child in the backyard. It would be raining outside, but I had made a playhouse from a shipping box, customized with windows, a door and curtains. I imagined it wasn’t raining, and I would sing and play in the soggy box until my mother screamed to get inside because “I would catch my death.”

Trump lives in a childish world of denial and ignorance. Scientific data backs up the relationship between CO2 emissions and climate change. Everybody else gets it. Why not Trump? Admission of error, to see the bigger picture — that makes a man.

For example, Mar-a-Lago is in Florida, the same state as Miami, which is planning to spend $500 million on pumps and elevated streets combating seawater flooding.

The only sane thing to do is to remain in the Paris accord, push for carbon tax and fee dividend and hope to God we can squeak in under the 400 ppm of C02 recommended by scientists, many of whom by now are probably unemployed.

Nancy Dorado-Curl, San Gabriel
San Gabriel Valley Tribune


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