The Paris accords: Letter in the Pasadena Star News by Jan Freed

The Paris accords

I enthusiastically applaud Elon Musk and other top business leaders publicly supporting the Paris talks.

We can easily achieve reductions in emissions with a slowly rising price on pollution signed into law. Rebates from the fees would put real money — hundreds of dollars a month — into citizens’ pockets, create millions of jobs and save hundreds of thousands of lives within two decades, say a variety of studies (such as REMI). Economists of all stripes say this conservative solution is the most effective one. See for more information.

President Trump is looking for love in all the wrong places. By making Paris even stronger, he would win the respect, admiration and gratitude of hundreds of millions of people, both here and worldwide. This certainty might transcend his loyalty to fossil-fuel interests, who just want to keep us burning the stuff.

— Jan Freed, Eagle Rock

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