The media’s legacy by Jan Freed, Pasadena Star News, 11/18/2016

Donald Trump’s legacy? There is a greater betrayal of our values, by our media.

The media found a “nothing burger” email scandal more newsworthy than record-breaking Arctic melting, increasingly weird weather and sunny-day flooding in Florida. We have seen nothing yet.

This legacy of the mainstream media’s strategic ignorance is record-breaking heat and all that comes with it. 2016 will be hotter than 2015, which broke records, and 2014, which also broke records. No discussion? Not relevant?

And to think there are powerful national solutions to our emissions simply passed over, such as a job-creating carbon price. Again: little mention, debate or discussion!

The media’s shameful legacy, its “tiptoe through the nonsense” cowardice, will be seen clearly in the mirror written by future historians.

— Jan Freed, Eagle Rock, Pasadena Star News, 11/18/2016


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