Trump and the drought

Jan Freed, Pasadena Star News, 6/1/2016

Trump and the drought

Scientists define drought. Trump defines drought. He could, like Senator Inhoffe with the snowball, simply sip a glass of water and declare, “See? No, drought.”

According to ThinkProgress, 86 percent of California is still in a “moderate drought,” 61 percent in a “severe drought,” 43 percent in an “extreme drought,” and over one-fifth of the state (21 percent) is in an “exceptional drought.”

Is the problem growth or drought? I suppose if California had but 1,000 people, there would be more than enough water for everyone.

Forgive the C word, but climate change will eventually meet everyone’s definition of drought. Trump would do nothing to stop it.

Vote smart.

Jan Freed, Eagle Rock


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