Burnt toast

Jan Freed, Pasadena Star News

We are burnt toast

Letter writer Michael Logan may have grown tired of listening to what he terms my Sunday sermons, but studies show that ignoring the climate-change problem is far worse and more costly than addressing it. We are talking humanity in peril plus trillions of dollars at risk here. Google “cost of climate change.” Is it worth it to prevent more frequent droughts, Hurricane Sandys or Texas floods? Such were predicted, and denied, decades ago. A national carbon fee, with all revenue rebated to the public, is the most effective means to do this as painlessly as possible. Economists, liberal and conservative, Nobel laureates, the World Bank and others have urged us to enact this policy. We can actually create a multi-trillion-dollar boon in the course of a transition to low-carbon energy. Your ham-fisted, bleery-eyed use of the ol’ pinko smear will not hide your tragic ignorance of that fact. Change light bulbs, yes. But, unless we change our leadership in Congress, we are burnt toast.

Jan Freed, Eagle Rock


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