Re “Progress Seen on Warming, With a Caveat” (front page, Sept. 28)

PETER KALMUS, New York Times

Re “Progress Seen on Warming, With a Caveat” (front page, Sept. 28):

With the world’s countries heading kicking and screaming into a climate meeting in Paris in December, and China announcing a woefully complex cap-and-trade scheme, we should be talking about carbon fees, which are as painless as they are effective.

A national carbon fee, if returned in its entirety as an equal dividend to consumers, would actually bring economic benefits. With one fair, transparent and comprehensive market correction, you reduce emissions, drive the transition to renewables, create jobs and stimulate consumer spending.

Even Big Oil has begun lobbying for a carbon fee. These companies reason that the world will soon do something about global warming, and out of the available options only a carbon fee provides a predictable framework for their future development (presumably into green energy). The majority of Americans and economists also support a carbon fee.

Solving global warming will not be easy. We will need to address population growth and rethink our economic systems. But the first, best step toward a solution — a simple, honest carbon fee — would be entirely painless.

PETER KALMUS, Altadena, Calif.
The writer is a researcher in atmospheric science.


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