Perhaps there is a way out

Robert Haw, Pasadena Star News 08/28/2015
Perhaps there is a way out

Your Aug. 25 story in which climate researchers note that there is “no way out” from the ravages of climate change points out that regarding global warming, marginal behavioral change appealing to the consumer is insufficient. The changes have to be transformational now because we’ve ignored the climate scientists for too long. And it’s not just the scientists waving a red flag. Gov. Brown is warning us, President Obama is exhorting us, and the pope is directing us to act.

Fortunately amidst this clamor California is moving steadily forward in the transformational direction — or is trying to. Two bills in the Assembly under consideration, SB 32 and SB 350, are significant in that regard. But what do you know? Popping up out of the flames, dust and wizened crop lands, oil lobbyists are hard at work in Sacramento trying to kill those bills. They certainly don’t have your best interest in mind. But all of us need to wake up and wise up if we’re to build a better future.

Robert Haw, Pasadena


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