The “carbon fee and dividend” solution makes enormous sense!

Jan Freed, Mountain Express, 7/14/2015

The “carbon fee and dividend” solution makes enormous sense!

This way citizens would RECEIVE the carbon 
fees as a monthly check. That would cancel out the inevitable price spikes in dirty energy.

Polluters PAY the fees, so it holds fossil fuel corporations personally responsible for the damages they cause, hundreds of billions of dollars per year. (Harvard School of Medicine and others)

With this policy, the fee payments to citizens would be there for purchasing low carbon alternatives, which are growing rapidly. That would lower emissions. That happened in BC Canada with a similar policy. They lowered both emissions and taxes with their fees; it’s a popular policy.

To those who reject the science: perhaps nothing will change
your mind. But what have you got against cleaner air, less asthma in our kids, fewer heart attacks, and more money in your pockets?

To those accepting the science: Any effort and expense to
limit the problem of climate change is worth it. For example:
A cost-benefit analysis has demonstrated that the cost of
sea level rise ALONE is so great that no expense to prevent it is unwarranted.

Why even bother with the paid deniers who thrive on the
delay of a false debate? IMO we must take action and the way forward is to
support those in government who will act.

Jan Freed, Eagle Rock – comment-2436032


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