Thirty Days for Earth

With each passing month, we often find ourselves declaring how quickly the year is flying by! Instead of letting another month drift away as routine, what about marking that time with thoughtful intention toward how we can heal and protect our planet? This is the idea behind “Thirty Days for Earth”, a month-long initiative created by Transition Pasadena  and Throop church as a way to prepare for the celebration of Earth Day on April 22. With the untimely cancellation of the city’s Earth and Arts Festival, it’s become all the more imperative for like-minded spirits to collectively raise local consciousness in acknowledgment of Earth Day and of all the organizations who are working to create health and harmony with our blue marble home.

As part of the “Thirty Days” effort, we’re joining more than 20 local businesses and organizations in using our Facebook page to post daily inspiration with photos that capture the beauty of Mother Earth and a mindful quote about how we can treat her better. We hope to foster deeper connections with one another and greater awareness in the community. Although there will not be an Earth and Arts Festival this year, a number of smaller events will be organized by many of the “Thirty Days” participants. 

Take a moment to enjoy the “Thirty Days for Earth” posts from our Facebook page and please share them with your circle of friends. Let’s spread the good word about good things being done in the name of Earth Day! 


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