Notes from the monthly meeting

PCCL had a great meeting today, as usual. A few things emerged for everyone’s to-do list:

1) If you are at all interested in attending the Southern California Regional Climate Conference, please fill out this survey:

2) Vote for CCL in MIT’s Climate Lab competition! Go to and click vote. You will either have to make an account or sign in using facebook or twitter. While you are there, read the description – its a powerful and convincing summary of our ideas.

3) CCL is partnering with other community groups to host a Family Green Festival at the Arroyo Food Coop on October 11th. We need lots of help on the day of, follow this link to see the jobs and sign up:
(note: anyone who does not want to add their contact info to a semi public document can e-mail me:

4) The documents mentioned in today’s conference call, “national security and the threat of climate change” and “Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict in South Asia” are now on the Resources page.

5) Check the calendar in the sidebar for upcoming climate events CCL is involved in. Hope to see you there!


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