Quality not quantity

Sometimes the task we’ve set ourselves as CCL members can seem overwhelming. “Building a political will…” means reaching millions of people and convincing them that carbon fee and dividend is a good idea. It seems like an impossible task! Every once in a while though, you can see people educating themselves and becoming excited by the idea.
Last Saturday, our group leader Robert Haw gave an excellent presentation at the Arroyo Food Coop. The group was small – about a dozen people – but it was high quality, both in the presentation and in the discussion afterward.
During the presentation, Several people asked questions clarifying minor points and showing that the audience was grasping the concepts Rob was putting out there. At the end, the discussion ran over time as people discussed various aspects of the carbon fee and dividend concept including why revenue neutrality is an important part of the proposal and how it would affect the economy.
It is with these kinds of presentations that we will make real progress – getting individuals to think about the carbon fee and dividend plan, and to feel hopeful about tackling the problem of climate change. And rightly so – there is good reason to hope!


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