Getting the money out of politics

The CCL mission of getting a carbon fee and dividend law passed is made harder by the immense amounts of money that are spent on political elections. There is simply no way we can compete money-wise!  A number of groups, locally and nationally, are working to make sure that there are limits to the amount of money wealthy groups and individuals can spend on elections.  To learn more about the issue, check out the event below, sponsored by Occupy Democracy Pasadena.

Alison Hartson, California State Director of the citizen’s group, Wolf-Pac will be coming talk with ODP about efforts to restore our representative democracy by reversing Citizens United and removing the corrupting influence of private money in public elections.

Wolf-Pac, founded by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and formally a contributor for MSNBC, was a co-sponsor of the recent 28th Amendment Roadshow held recently at UCLA and they were an instrumental force in aiding the State of Vermont to pass recent legislation.

Time: Thursday, May 22, 7 PM
place:  330 E. Cordova, Pasadena 91101.
Please RSVP to


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