America is finally waking up

Peter Kalmus, New York Times, 05/07/2014

“Re “U.S. Climate Has Already Changed, Study Finds, Citing Heat and Floods” (front page, May 7):

America is finally waking up to the reality and the magnitude of the climate crisis. Climate-related disasters will continue to affect our communities as warming increases, and people will continue to wake up. It’s not going to just go away.

At some point, soon I hope, a revenue-neutral carbon tax will become politically possible. Revenue would be returned to taxpayers, rewarding those who emit less carbon and stimulating change throughout our economy and infrastructure.

It’s too late to stop global warming, but how bad it gets is still up to us.

Let’s leave something for our children. Let’s do what we need to do. To those who keep bringing up jobs: If we innovate a world beyond coal, oil and natural gas, our economy will benefit enormously.

If we continue chasing the nightmare of fossil fuels, we will certainly continue to decline. A revenue-neutral carbon tax is the best way to jump-start innovation.


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